Makers in the Aloha State

Hawaii Makerspaces



Honolulu Makerspace. “We’re transforming dreamers into doers… We want to raise the bar and level of knowledge here in the islands. What better way than to teach and connect like-minded people who share the same passion?”

Membership: $50/month

Hours: Monday-Friday, 6pm-12am Saturday-Sunday, 11am-6pm

Address: The Box Jelly, 307-C Kamani Street, Honolulu, HI

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Oahu Makerspace

A collaborative community. “What could you make with access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment? Oahu Makerspace is looking for members with a passion for making, including: Inventors, Engineers, Hobbyists, Shop Classes, High School Robotics, and STEM Educators.”

Membership: $50/month

Address527 Cummins Street, Honolulu, HI

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Contact: (808) 351-8059

Hawaii Fashion Incubator

"A hub for all things HI Fashion… Use open studio time to work on your projects, or sign up for a class or workshop. Sewing machines, cutting tables, art supplies, fabric, notions, and more are available at the space."

Membership: $10/hour, $18/hour for photo studio

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, 10-2

Address: Ward Warehouse Level 2 (above T&C Surf), 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI

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Maui Makers

"Maui Makers is a maker space on the island of Maui – i.e. we provide tools, space, instruction and community to support the making of things."

Membership: $30/month, $300/year

Hours: Varies, established members get a key to the space.

Address: Behind Community Work Day, off E Camp 5 Road, Puunene, HI

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Big Island

Hawaii Tech Works

"Hawaii TechWorks’ Design Lab, in Hilo, Hawaii, is the computing center and co-working space component of our Community Workshop. Participation in the Hawaii TechWorks program is membership-based, and open to all members of the community."

Membership: $60/month, $50/month for seniors, $40/month for students

Hours: Monday – Friday, 11a.m. – 5p.m., or by appointment

Address: East Hawaii Community Development Corporation (EHCDC), 113 Kuawa Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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Kauai Makers Club

"Our goals: Permanent workshop space for member use; equipment and tools for making; discover and keep in touch with other makers and groups in Kauai and Hawaii; and connect to the communities of Kauai, Hawaii and DIY-at-large."

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